Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 9 – Ocean Views and a Stiff Climb

After sleeping in, I got going at 7:45. Back for a mile to Manzanita then south on 101. The route stayed near the ocean almost to Tillamook. At Rockaway Beach, I ate a huge second breakfast at Grumpy’s Cafe. In Tillamook I passed by the huge Tillamook Creamery where the Tillamook cheese that you see in the grocery store is made. I bought a new can of stove fuel and groceries then left Hwy 101 for OR 131. I rode past dairy farms on flat ground then climbed over one hill and descended to Netarts Bay. As I biked around the bay, I passed by an oyster restaurant at noon with a line of patrons outside. The climb over Three Capes provided the physical challenge of the day. I barley made the grade. I passed by a Trans America Route biker resting on a guard rail. He seemed dispirited. I finally reached the top and coasted down past a sand dune field. Then south on Sand Lake Road to Pacific Beach. Just before the climb over Cape Kiwanis, I stopped and took the attached photo looking back north. I coasted into town and got a camp site at Webb County Park. It’s claim to fame is a population of feral bunnies that hop around the park. The volunteer who checked me in commented that feral cats and red-tailed hawks make a good living here. A short day with 53 miles. Tomorrow, I’ll meet my son, Riley, in South Beach  State Park. We’ll camp together. I learned that Betsy needs elbow surgery and won’t be able to meet me on the route. Bummer for both of us. The trip is much less enjoyable without her company.

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