Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 7 – Some Ocean, Lots is Climbs

I wasn’t warm last night but slept in to 7. On Hwy 109 at 8 am heading south, starting with several steep climbs. At 13 miles, the highway turned east towards Aberdeen. The joys of a wide, smooth shoulder and a bit of tailwind plus a few hills and lots of forest. Sixteen miles later I entered Hoquaim where I hoped to find a cafe. No luck. Along the four-mile strip to Aberdeen, no cafes either. Disappointed, I headed south to Raymond on 101. No tailwind and lots of climbs in low gear. The cool sunny weather continued. As I did yesterday, I ate lunch on a slab of pavement next to the highway. I reached Raymond with a sore rear end. I bought food for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. I called  Bruceport County Park about 8 miles away and found I could camp for $15 plus $1 for a shower. Given that I couldn’t find another place to stay for another 30 miles, I opted to stay at the Park. On the way I stopped for an ice cream and coffee treat to give my derrière a break. Rested, I headed west on 101 into a stiff headwind. At least the smooth, wide shoulder made riding easier. On the wide flood plain south of Gray’s Harbor, I noticed wetlands with water lotus plants blooming, which I hadn’t seem thus far (see photo). After a climb, I reached the Park and checked in. It was a modest place but clean, tidy, scenic with huge trees bordering open grassy areas. I’m happy to be here. 68 miles today.

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