Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 6 – Rainforest and Ocean

Up at 6:15 - no rain. I left Forks at 7 heading south on 101. Light began 30 minutes later and continued for 3 hours. My rain gear kept me dry and somewhat warm. Seven miles south of town I passed the spot where Betsy fell. After crossing the Bogachiel River, I climbed then descended to the Hoh River valley in Olympic National Park. The highway turned southwest along the Hoh through old-growth rain forest with occasional massive trees. When I reached the ocean, I could rarely see it initially due to thick, tall shrubs. Streams provided views of the beach (see photo). I stopped at the tasteful Kalaloch Lodge for a break then into the Quinault Reservation. I stopped at Queets for a chocolate milk treat then rode 27 miles thru the Reservation past lots of clearcuts of various ages. I lunched beside the road. At Amanda Park I got another treat. A woman at the mercantile recommended  the scenic Moclips Highway through the Reservation to Pacific Beach State Park where I could camp. Little traffic and lots of forest. My energy and rear ended flagged, but I pressed on. Biking was pretty easy. Pacific Beach seemed to an upscale vacation community. After some hunting around, I found the park and got a site thanks to the help of the park staff. $12 hiker-biker rate for ocean-front site number 34. I was pretty beat after riding 97 today. Set up camp, dinner, shower, a short walk on the beach, bed.

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