Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 56 – The Home Stretch

When I got out of my tent, I found a note from Cory and a package of treats. How thoughtful! At 6 am, I gained elevation on Hwy 20 around Lake Diablo then passed by Diablo Dam. Westward and downhill to Newhalem hoping to find the store open but it wasn’t. At Marblemount in another 11 miles, both restaurants were closed. As a consolation I bought a frozen breakfast sandwich, which I microwaved, plus chocolate milk. Ten more miles took me past Rockport and another 12 miles to Concrete. There I rode to a bakery and found bike tourer Aleah sitting outside. The place was closed but as we chatted, the owner came out and handed Aleah a treat. A few minutes later, he reappeared and handed me a decadent chocolate and vanilla treat. He said we needed the calories. Aleah and I left, she heading east to Rainy Pass and west to Sedro-Woolley. Not long after, I passed a cafe and got biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Well fueled, I continued west in the broad Skagit River valley past hay fields and forests. I enjoyed a patch of fireweed in full bloom (see photo). A headwind developed for the final 20 miles to Sedro-Woolley but didn’t bother me much. I reached town about 1:30 pm and bought a pint of Rainier cherries at a roadside stand then inquired about a room at the Three Rivers Inn. Too expensive but the helpful clerk directed me to the budget Skagit Motel at the west end of town. I got a room there and set about completing my chores, such as replacing my leaky rear bike tube, reserving a seat on the airport shuttle, and arranging to have my bike shipped home. An easy day of 67 miles.

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