Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 55 – Over the Last Passes

Yesterday afternoon’s heat dissipated overnight, as happens in semi-arid areas, making for ideal sleeping. On Hwy 153 at 6 heading north to Twisp in 11 miles. I checked out the Twisp “mall” that contained a number of businesses walkably close together. At 7 am, nothing was open. Now on Hwy 20, I rode 9 miles to Winthrop where I bought food for lunch. The cafe was closed but I got a breakfast sandwich, a brownie, and coffee at an outdoor coffee stand. Well fed, I continued for 12 miles to the turnoff to Mazama along the Methow River. By now, coniferous forest replaced tan grasses and scattered shrubs on the hillsides. The grade of Hwy 20 increased for the 20 miles to Washington Pass (5,477 feet). I ate lunch and filled up with cool water at a Forest Service campground 5 miles from the pass. Shortly thereafter, I met three young guys cycling around the US starting in Florida and Alabama. Upward in my lowest gear to a switchback and Washington Pass. I lost 1,500 feet of elevation then gained 500 feet back to Rainy Pass. At 1:45, I headed downhill for 27 miles to the Colonial Creek campground in North Cascades National Park. On the way down, a strong headwind arose and slowed my progress. The last few miles dragged - I was beat. But I enjoyed a great view of Diablo Lake from an overlook (see photo). The “Full” sign at the campground didn’t deter me. I rode into the campground and asked folks with a trailer if they would share their site with me. Yes, they would! After 84 miles of riding and about 5,000 feet of elevation gain, I desperately needed to stop riding.

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