Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 53 – Reconnecting with Longtime Friends

Last night was surprisingly cool, enough so for me to don my down coat. On the road at 6 am for the 8-mile, 1,200-foot climb to Blewett Pass. The first 5 miles were easy, the last three miles steeper. The ride down from the pass was surprisingly cold with no sun (obscured by the mountains) for 20 miles. I put on my rain jacket to keep my teeth from chattering. When I arrived at the Y Cafe just after US Hwy 2 joined US Hwy 97, I still hadn’t warmed up. Being in the cafe finally warmed me up, and the enormous breakfast filled me up. Downhill riding continued for 15 more miles along the Wenatchee River to its namesake town. Apple and other fruit orchards covered the hillsides above the river (see photo). When I reached Wenatchee, I turned south into town, bought groceries at WINCO, a discount grocery store, and rode 2 miles to the home of Chuck and Nancy, grad school friends since the early 1980s. We had a delightful visit chatting, eating, watching a Zoom conference, inspecting the yard and gardens, and picking raspberries from a neighbor’s bushes. We called Betsy and she showed us around our yard in Boulder using Face Time. I’m so happy that we were able to connect after a two-year hiatus. An easy riding day with 44 miles in the books.

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