Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 5 – Betsy heads home

Betsy didn’t sleep well last night. She couldn’t find a comfortable position for her hurt left arm. We got up at 6 to finalize the details of her trip home. That took a while. Then we organized our gear. I stashed my bike and panniers in a safe place behind the motel. We caught the 9:30 bus for the 90-minute ride to Port Angeles. When we arrived, our hope of finding the bus terminal, bike shop, and a cafe close together materialized. We split a breakfast wrap and drank coffee. The folks at the cafe were ever so friendly. Well fed, we walked across the street to the bike shop and turned in Betsy’s bike and panniers for shipping to home. The bus to SEATAC arrived shortly at the bus terminal. So far so good for Betsy. We agreed that she’ll drive to find me (probably in CA) after she gets the all-clear from the medical people. We’ll do the route together although not as originally planned. I rode a bus back to Forks passing over the Elwha River (see the photo). The Elwha Dam harmed salmon spawning and was removed a few years ago, a momentous event. When I arrived in Forks, rain fell and my enthusiasm to start biking evaporated. Another night in the motel.

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