Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 49 – Into Washington

I enjoyed the comforts of the motel room, especially the bed, last night. My riding day began at 5:45 as I headed north paralleling I-205 on a paved bike path. After about 10 miles, I turned east on a series of paved paths along overhead power line corridors. Lots of homeless people created camps in secluded areas along paths and left large piles of junk. After the bike paths ended, I continued east on Historic US Highway 30 not far south of the Columbia River. No second breakfast for me this morning, but I drank a quart of chocolate milk at a rural store. A few minutes later, I enjoyed a grand view eastward of the Columbia River Gorge. The highway descended to the View Point House then continued downhill nearly to river level. Oregon State Parks has built pull offs to half a dozen waterfalls along Hwy 30 with towering Multnomah taking the prize for scenic splendor (see photo). I got coffee and a cherry turnover with the throng of waterfall tourists. Onward on Hwy 30, I-84, and a bike path to Bonneyville Dam and locks then Cascade Locks. I bought food, a soft ice cream at the East Wind Drive-in, and ate tortillas and PB for lunch. Well fed, I rode across the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. A tailwind propelled me east past Stevenson to the Wind River Road, where I turned north and headed uphill. Thirteen miles later (about 3:30 pm), I got a fine shady campsite under tall big leaf maple trees at the Beaver USFS Campground. I set up camp then rinsed off in the river. Entering Washington boosted my confidence. 67 miles today.

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