Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 46 – Another Easy Day

In spite of yesterday’s 100-degree heat, the cool night air created first-class sleeping. On US 97 at 6:15 riding north to Bend. The highway continued with a wide, smooth shoulder. Along the road, long swaths of pine forest were thinned and, in some places, shrubs scraped. I wonder if the US Forest Service focuses fire prevention work along major highways. At the northern-most Sunriver exit, the highway became a freeway with more easy riding and a few modest climbs followed. Perhaps the long-term plan involves converting Hwy 97 to Interstate 97. Once in Bend, I used Google to find the Bunk + Brew Hostel in an older part of town. I arrived at 9:30 and learned the checkout time was 11. I stashed my panniers in the hostel and biked a mile to the Black Bear Diner. The hostel staff recommended this place for big portions. I polished off 1,560-calorie Super Bowl of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, potatoes and veggies, plus a home-made roll. Yum! Back at the hostel, I found a book by Wayne Dyer to read. At 11:30, I checked in and got a lower bunk. A shower improved my outlook markedly. I spent most of the reading and resting. It turned out that getting together with Riley won’t work because of schedule and work conflicts. Thus, I’ll head out early tomorrow to reach Detroit before the record head becomes overwhelming.

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