Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 41 – Logging and Shasta

A pleasant night with little need for my sleeping bag until after midnight. On Hwy 89 at 6 am dropping 500 feet to Lake Britton then gaining it back on a 2,000- foot climb to Dead Horse Summit over 20 miles. Conifer forest throughout. More logging trucks than any other day thus far. Most of the time I can discern their approaching sound. At the moment the truck passes I focus intently on the road a few yards in front of me. Ride straight, no wobbling. Soon after reaching the summit, I descended to Bartle hoping to refuel at a cafe. But it was closed. Hwy 89 lost elevation for 17 miles toward McCloud. Mighty Mt. Shasta rose above the roadside forest in places. Lots more logging trucks often with no shoulder. A chap in a pickup stopped and asked if I needed water or food. Later I passed a road construction site and got cold (!) water from the crew. Mt. Shasta loomed over McCloud (see photo). I ate a breakfast sandwich, coffee, and cold water but couldn’t find chocolate milk. I mailed a package of unwanted items home. Onward to Mt. Shasta (the town) with no chocolate milk. Hwy 89 ended at I-5. I rode north on old Highway 99 more or less parallel to I-5 heading for Weed. In 6 miles I turned right on College Ave. and rode 3 miles to Weed in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. I couldn’t connect with the RV park so I checked into the Hi-Lo Motel. A cold drink, a shower, and clothes washing followed by a short walk to Ray’s for food including chocolate milk. Not as hot today. Happy to be here with 64 more miles today.

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