Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 4 – Change of Plans

Up early on US 101 heading west. We biked with little traffic through conifer forests and moderate ups and downs. After a long descent, we arrived at Crescent Lake in Olympic National Park. We biked along the south shore through old-growth forest. The crystal-clear lake water beckoned. At the west end of the lake we hoped to find a cafe but no luck. Up a long steep hill for several miles then downhill gently into the wind for many miles in the Sol Duc River Valley through the Olympic National Forest. Lots of old and recent clearcuts, sometimes on really steep slopes. Finally we arrived at the Hungry Bear Cafe where we demolished burgers for lunch. The highway turned south to Forks with a tailwind. In Forks we bought food and rode on. About 7 miles south of town on a steep climbing turn, Betsy’s front tire slipped off the pavement. She fell and fractured her left elbow. Thanks to several wonderful people, Betsy ended up in the Forks clinic, while I and Betsy’s bike and panniers got a ride to a motel. Betsy’s ride is over for now. She’ll go home tomorrow. I’ll continue on.

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