Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 32 – A Big Climb

A warm night at 6,000 feet, fitting given the hot day. On the bike at 6:15 gaining elevation modestly to the Santa Ana River(more of a creek). The 2,000-vertical foot climb to Onyx Summit kept me occupied for two hours, not too steeply, mostly with a shoulder. The cool air moderated my water consumption. The nine-mile descent to Big Bear City went fast. I attempted to eat a second breakfast at Thelma’s (where I ate on the PCT) but the long line and slow service prompted me to leave. The next food intake occurred at Stater Bros with a half gallon (drank half and saved the rest for lunch) of chocolate milk plus food for dinner. I met two PCT hikers buying food. Onward with a 400-foot climb out past eroding rocky slopes and out of the Bear Lake basin. Then downhill for the next 15 miles on the Angeles Crest Highway. A steep climb took me to Crestline followed by brief steep ups and downs- I walked my bike once. The blessed descent to Silverwood Lake and its State Park ended my day. A $5 hiker-biker site (shady) and a $1 shower boosted my mood. I laundered my clothes in a tub at the shower house. 3,500 feet of elevation gain and 69 miles today. More of both tomorrow.

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