Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 3 – Climbs and Descents

Out of camp at 8:15 and back to WA 20. Then ups and downs to Coupville. Then more of the same past hay fields and forests until the descent to the ferry dock. We waited 30 minutes then rode the ferry across smooth water to Port Townsend. There we stopped by the Broken Spoke bike shop for air. We ate an early omelette lunch at The Crab. Onward with lots of climbs, some of which ran for several miles and required my lowest gear. Betsy and I ate a late lunch at a tribal park in Blyn with a view of a bay (see photo). The first hill after lunch took forever to climb. More hills on the way to Sequim where we got water and a snack. On the way to Port Angeles, we rode past conifer forest and a few small clear cuts. We stopped at Safeway for food. Betsy managed to convince the owner of the Elwha Dam RV Park to let us stay there even though it was jammed with mountain bike racers competing for the Northwest Cup. We arrived tired at 6:30 and set up camp next to a pro racer. Over dinner we chatted with another one of the racers. In the tent at 9. We’re getting stronger. 71 miles today.

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