Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 28 – Finish and Transition

Unsurprisingly, last night took the prize as the warmest on the Pacific Coast leg. I left camp at 6:30 and headed south along US 101 past ocean beaches and surfers. After 5 miles, 101 disappeared, replaced by Torrey Pines Road. It ascended a steep hill and ran past the famed Torrey Pines golf course, the Scrips Institute, and the University of California at San Diego. As often happens, the route descended into residential neighborhoods along the ocean. I find the diversions a waste. Back on La Jolla Avenue I could make some headway. I didn't stop for breakfast #2 because I wanted to make the 10 am Coronado Island Ferry. But I passed by a Ralph’s grocery store so I stopped for a quick food stop. The long lines at the checkouts nixed that. But I noticed a breakfast sandwich at the Starbucks by the store entrance. A uniformed soldier noticed my interest and bought the sandwich for me. How nice was that! I gobbled it up then sped toward the Broadway Pier and the ferry. I arrived at 9:58, paid $5, and was the last person on board. On the 20-minute ride, I noticed several US Navy aircraft carriers in port. Their size is boggling. On Coronado, I biked through residential areas then along a narrow strand of sand. The Navy conducts amphibious exercises in the ocean here. The bay to the east features extensive mudflats within a National Wildlife Refuge. I arrived in Chula Vista, a few miles north in the US-Mexico border and called my Pacific Coast ride complete. I headed east on Main Street but forgot to check for stores to buy a new fuel canister and food. I had to backtrack but got what I needed plus a spot for lunch in front of Vons grocery store. Back on the bike heading east on Main Street, Heritage Road, Olympic Parkway, and Otay Lakes Road. The incongruous Otay Lakes framed by brown hillsides looked cool and inviting (see photo). I stopped for the day at the Pio Pico RV Park in a wooded canyon on Otay Lakes Road. Tomorrow, I’ll begin the Sierra-Cascades Trip at Tecate. 60 miles today.

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