Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 25 – Fog and Flat

Yesterday evening after I retired to my tent, a gang of energetic kids played games that entailed running around the campground and shouting at one another. Thank goodness for ear plugs. The morning dawned foggy, so much so that I wore my raincoat while riding. In about 3 miles, I got a flat, conveniently at an off ramp. Thanks to Boulder neighbors David and Sam’s tutorial on my new bike, I changed the tire without incident. After leaving CA1, I rode into Goleta on Hollister Ave. and found a cafe for more breakfast. I called Riley and chatted about his new bike. By now the thick fog abated. The route went through Santa Barbara, often under or past striking purple flowered trees (see photo). From Sterns Wharf, I rode briefly on a crowded bike path then back on the street. Onward on a series of bike paths and routes to Carpinteria, getting lost on the way. Back on the route, I continued near the coast on more bike paths and routes to Ventura. Lots of people sauntered along the paths. Past Ventura, I rode on Harbor Blvd. near the ocean to Port Hueneme where I bought food and chocolate milk. For the next  7 miles, the route ran past the Ventura County Naval Base and the California Air National Guard. Lots of crop fields, mainly strawberries and sod. Eventually I got back on CA 1 for the last 6 miles of the day to the Sycamore Canyon Campground in Point Mugu State Park. While the beach portion of the Park termed with people on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, the campground was located a few hundred yards from the beach. Much more peaceful under the canopies of the sycamores. 78 miles today.

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