Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 23 – Tail Winds

Todd and Luciana left the campground at 6:45, and I soon followed. We bid adieu to Frank. The first three miles ran thru fog to Gorda with no ocean in sight. Then a long, lowest-gear climb along cliffs high above the ocean, which was usually invisible due to fog. But I could hear seals barking. Then down for about half the elevation gain of the climb then up steeply to regain all the lost elevation. After 15 miles, the Ragged Point tourist stop materialized in the fog. I stopped and drank coffee and ate a muffin with Todd and Luciana. Blessedly, after descending to near ocean level, the climbing moderated and a steady tailwind kicked in. I whizzed along to the elephant seal beaches and stopped to gawk and listen to the grunts and growls of hundreds of seals lying in close quarters (see photo). Back on the bike sailing past the turnoff to Hearst Castle then on to Cambria for a snack. After a moderate climb, I continued south pushed by the wind past Harmony to Cayucos. I bought chocolate milk and ate lunch in front of a grocery store. After a 5-mile ride on CA 1 to Moro Bay, I continued on 1 to San Luis Obispo with wide, smooth shoulder and a tailwind. In town, I was forced off 1 when it joined US 101 and became a freeway. I rode on city streets then rural roads that paralleled US 101/CA 1 to Shell Beach. Then along city streets through Pismo Beach. I stopped at the Pismo State Beach North Campground, which was full, no H-B sites. The park person told me to continue a mile south to Ocean County Park that has H-B sites . I got a site for $13 (free showers). After an 85-mile day, I was ready to set up camp, shower, and eat. Dinner fare at the nearby market ended up being canned clam chowder. Happy to be here even though my tent sits about 60 feet from CA 1. Earplugs tonight.

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