Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 15- Hills, Ocean, Rain

Out of camp at 7 and back on Hwy 101 in a mile. More lowest-gear hills awaited me than I expected. Five miles on the day, a herd of elk lounged in a grassy area at the edge at the  hamlet of Orick. A few more lowest-gear hills brought me to the ocean. I rode past Humboldt Lagoon, extensive open water and bulrush marshes. More 10-minute lowest-gear climbs took me to Trinidad where I had coffee and a breakfast burrito at a grocery store. I called Mom to let her know I’m ok. Onward with more ocean views including bushy purple and yellow lupine (see photo). At McKinleyville, light rain started, although none was forecast. I rode in the rain to Arcata then to Eureka. Biking was easy, and the pavement wasn’t slick. My rain gear kept the rain out but evaporating sweat cooled me off. I stopped at a Subway in Eureka to get out of the rain, warm up, and eat lunch. Afterwards the rain continued. I wasn’t sure I could stay warm for 17 more miles to an RV Park in Fortuna. Instead, I rented a budget motel room in Eureka to wash my clothes and dry out. The forecast does not call for rain tomorrow. I hope it’s more accurate than the one for today. 53 miles today.

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