Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 13 – Flooded Then Ocean Scenery

When I set up my tent last evening, I noticed that rainfall (predicted overnight) would drain to my tent. Inexplicably, I didn’t find a better site. In the night I awoke to find water under my tent. Plus my riding clothes were wet. I went back to sleep hoping that I was dreaming. Not so. About 7:30 I got up and visited with fellow biker Tim who was two sites away. He had the good sense to drag his tent to a better site in the night. We commiserated with each other. At 8:30 the KOA staff arrived and comped me for the clothes drier and a cup of coffee. Tim and I chatted while my clothes dried. At 10 am, I shoved off and headed 8 miles to Port Orford and breakfast #2. Blessedly, the northwest wind returned and helped me over Humbug Mountain then along the coast to scenic Gold Beach. The stretch from Gold Beach to Brookings offered great scenery (see photo), few climbs, blue sky, and a tailwind. I stopped at Harris Beach State Park a mile before Brookings. The park had a first-rate hiker-biker camp with level tent sites, 6 picnic tables, a bike stand, bike tools, food lockers, electricity, water, and a small shelter. I found Caleb in camp. He’s riding a one-speed bike that he sometimes pushes uphill. Yikes! 60 miles today.

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