Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 10 – Ocean Scenery

Up early and out of town at 6:45. The bunnies were out in force. Hwy 101 soon ran past the Nestucca Wildlife Refuge, mostly tidal salt marshes and fresh water ponds. Over the Nestucca River and on to Neskowin. A mile south of town I began the climb over Cascade Head. Slow going as low as 3.5 mph. Roofing nails dotted the road shoulder in places. My slow pace allowed me to miss them. The descent took me to the outskirts of Lincoln City, an unappealing strip of chain stores along the ocean. But I enjoyed a second breakfast at the Hilltop Restaurant at the south end of town. The next 20 miles hugged the coast with lots of scenic pullouts and views. Boiler Bay (see photo) was especially delightful. I enjoyed a piece of coffee cake and coffee in Depoe Bay. Several miles further, I rode on the Otter Crest Loop, the original highway with little traffic. After a descent, I detoured to Yaquina Head Lighthouse with views of seals lounging on rocks below. Into Newport then a mile further to meet Riley at South Beach State Park. Alas, his car died 20 miles east of town. After getting the car towed to town, he got a taxi to the park. He cooked a wonderful dinner after which we walked and talked. It’s great to see him again. 53 miles today.

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