CDT, Day 8 — Camping at 11,100 feet

CDT, Day 8 — July 10 — 14.7 miles

On the trail at 7 a.m. John and I continued north through sub-alpine forest and passed by wet meadows for 5 miles to Buffalo Pass. Only four cars in the parking lot.

At 10,300 feet in elevation, we gained only 300 feet of elevation since our camp. We rested at the pass and headed north.

Like yesterday, we hiked through sub-alpine forest and passed by lots of wet meadows while gaining elevation. Four miles from the pass, we ate lunch by a stream in the shade of several trees. Two day hikers and their dog came by.

After lunch, we gained and lost more elevation as the trail became rockier. By 4 p.m., we were both tired. The next few miles at elevations near 12,000 feet did not look inviting for camping. We found a sheltered spot from the persistent wind with a snowmelt stream close by and set up camp at 11,100 feet in elevation.

Oddly, the strong wind didn’t deter the abundant mosquitoes. But we’re happy to be here. We also got cell-phone service and called home. A short but tiring day.

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