CDT, Day 19 — Piñons, Pines and Sagebrush

CDT, Day 19 — July 21 — 19.2 miles

A long day but not many miles.

After a breezy night, I hit the trail at 7 a.m. The CDT climbed 700 feet on the way to a clear-water spring. I met hiker Wolf who said he’s hiked the Appalachian trail seven times and the Pacific Crest Trail five times. Amazing!

After the spring, the trail dropped 900 feet of elevation to another spring near Crooks Creek, where I ate lunch (see photo). By lunch I’d walked only 7.5 miles in five hours, due to continuing brutal back pain.

After lunch, the trail gained modest elevation, climbing into piñons and limber pines, before dropping back into sagebrush grassland.

By mid-afternoon my back pain diminished, likely thanks to ibuprofen. At last, I arrived at a grassy place to camp next to a surprisingly clear stock pond. I slugged down two quarts  quickly. Alas, I spilled about half of my dinner. Fortunately I have plenty of food.

As the sun set, nighthawks patrolled the sky, snagging insects. I hope my back feels better tomorrow.

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