CDT, August 15 — Light at the End of the Tunnel

CDT — Aug. 15 — Recovering

I’ve been off the trail for 23 days now.

Last week, Bob Cranny at Altitude Physical Therapy massaged my right foot twice. I don’t what he did exactly, but it immediately felt better. Thereafter, I could walk around the block at home without much if any pain.

This week, I visited Dr. Josh Garfein at Dakota Ridge Family Medicine to check on my progress. He doesn’t think that my back is the cause of my right hip and right foot pains. Rather, he continues to attribute both pains to my very tight right piriformis muscle and possibly the right gluteus medius. He recommended continuing with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine.

I also consulted with Dr. Christina Weber at Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic. I’ve seen Christina numerous times for various foot and ankle ailments. She doesn’t think any bones in my foot or ankle were fractured. Rather, she suspects inflammation of a nerve that runs from my leg across my ankle bone into my foot. She also suspects inflammation of muscles and associated tendons in my lower right leg.

The next day I saw Caitlin Barritt at Altitude Physical Therapy. She dry-needled the piriformis and gluteus medius muscles in my right hip. That wasn’t much fun, but it seemed to calm the muscles, which is what I wanted. Today, Caitlin dry-needled me again and massaged my foot. When I walked out the door, my foot felt better than it had in a month. Plus my hip didn’t hurt at all.

This afternoon, Betsy and I took a pain-free 2.5 mile walk in town — light at the end of the tunnel! So, I set forth with a day pack on the Mesa Trail on City of Boulder Open Space. My goal was to hike 10 miles. I ended up doing 9 miles, until my foot started hurting, especially on downhill stretches.

Had I been able to hike today without any pain, I hoped to start the 82-mile section of the CDT from Grand Lake to Rabbit Ears Pass, which I skipped in July. My experience today tells me that I need to push that date back to the week after next.

On the bright side, in spite of being off the trail for three weeks being off the trail, I had no trouble hiking uphill today in terms of leg muscle strength. Also, as soon as I got home, my foot stopped hurting. More foot-soaking in ice baths and ice packs on my ankle and lower leg (see photo). I’ll let you know how this turns out.

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