Back to the Appalachian Trail!

Betsy drove me to the Denver International Airport arriving at 8:45 am.  Uneventful trip through security. My flight on Southwest departed on time and arrived five minutes early. I hustled off the plane to find the bus pick up area. That done, I walked to baggage claim to get my pack. I had 20 minutes before the Dartmouth Coach was scheduled to depart. Happily I got on the bus, which crawled thru traffic downtown then crawled along I-93 northbound. Lots of Bostonians heading north for the weekend. The bus arrived in Hanover a half-hour late at dusk. I bought a liter and a half-gallon of chocolate milk at a gas station then got a free piece of cheese pizza. I ate as I walked to the east edge of town and found a pleasant stealth campsite in the woods after dark. Tomorrow I will start hiking north.

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