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Day 3 on the Southern Tier Route

Day 3 on the Southern Tier Route. We slept well in the motel. After a breakfast of fake eggs and industrial sausage, we headed north on Hwy 86 for 12 miles past fields of grass to Brawley.
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Day 2 on the Southern Tier Route

After a pleasant night's sleep, we ate breakfast, found a bathroom, and headed back to the highway. After a short ride on Interstate 8, eased northeast on Hwy 79 toward Pine Valley, Betsy and I split a breakfast burrito at the Descanso Restaurant. Onward and upward then downward to Pine Valley where we stopped for a water break. We climbed again then dropped down as we followed I-8 on Old Hwy 80.
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Day 1 on the Southern Tier Route

Our flight to San Diego was uneventful. We assembled our bikes at the airport and headed west to the ocean. We started the route at Dog Beach (see photo). We hiked east along the San Diego River to Lakeside, stopping along the way for water and a pee break. When we arrived at Alpine at…
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