CDT, August 26 — Patience

CDT — August 26 — Off-trail

Last week, Bob Cranny worked on my right foot once again. I commented on my ill-advised hike on the Mesa Trail the previous week that hurt my right foot.

Bob told me that the tendons that run from the right front part of my right lower leg and insert in my foot were still inflamed. A nerve that parallels the tendons was also inflamed. He told me that tendon and nerve inflammation takes time to heal fully. Bob sternly advised me to wait longer to get back on the trail. More specifically, wait until mid-September.

Although I really didn’t want to hear his advice, I had to admit to myself that it made sense. Plus, if I were to go back to the trail too hastily and reinjure my foot, Betsy would not let me forget the unhappy consequences of my poor judgment. Disappointment aside, I’m probably the culprit in the problems with my hip, leg, and foot ailments. Hiking too many miles back to back to back, etc.

My revised plan is to hike from Grand Lake to Rabbit Ears Pass starting September 16, contingent on decent weather. Once that’s done, I’ll head home. I don’t want to be hiking through the Wind River Range in late September.

In the meantime, I’ll continue doing my leg exercises, taking ibuprophen, and icing my foot. Plus, I’ll continue my walks in town that now don’t bother my leg or foot.

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