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Onward into the Okanogan – Day 4

After a short celebration, we donned our gloves and rain pants for the descent to Republic. Our gear helped prevent us from freezing, and when we arrived in Republic we immediately found a restaurant for hot soup and hot tea. What a relief!
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Day 3 – 91 Miles!

We were to turn southeast on Hwy 153 for 33 miles to Petaras, then turn north on US Hwy 97 for another 33 miles to Okanagon. Our relatively short 56 mile day turned into a 91 mile day!
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Day 1 – 71 Easy Miles

Past town we saw more farms and clear-cut patches on the forested hill sides. Along the highway deciduous trees, maples and alders mostly, predominated. The lush land reeked of damp green.
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