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CDT, August 26 — Patience

CDT — August 26 — Off-trail Last week, Bob Cranny worked on my right foot once again. I commented on my ill-advised hike on the Mesa Trail the previous week that hurt my right foot. Bob told me that the tendons that run from the right front part of my right lower leg and insert…
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CDT, August 15 — Light at the End of the Tunnel

CDT — Aug. 15 — Recovering I’ve been off the trail for 23 days now. Last week, Bob Cranny at Altitude Physical Therapy massaged my right foot twice. I don’t what he did exactly, but it immediately felt better. Thereafter, I could walk around the block at home without much if any pain. This week,…
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CDT, August 2020 — Recovery

CDT — Aug. 5 — Recovery I’ve been off the Continental Divide Trail for 11 days waiting for my right foot, right thigh, and right hip to stop hurting. Glacial progress thus far. The underlying cause of the problems has eluded me. But yesterday, I visited ace physical therapist, Bob Carny at Altitude Physical Therapy…
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CDT, Day 21 — Hobbled

CDT, Day 21 — July 23 — 5 miles Rain fell last night while I slept. At one point the noise woke me. I had left the tent doors open and discovered that the wind direction had changed overnight. Rain wet my sleeping bag a bit. After closing the tent door, I went back to…
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CDT, Day 20 — Along the Oregon Trail

CDT, Day 20 — July 22 — 25.5 miles After a restful night, I hit the trail at 6:45 a.m., hoping to reach a campsite on the Sweetwater River. Today featured short water carries of just 4, 5, 7, and 9 miles, allowing me to carry less than 2 liters and making hiking easier. The…
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CDT, Day 19 — Piñons, Pines and Sagebrush

CDT, Day 19 — July 21 — 19.2 miles A long day but not many miles. After a breezy night, I hit the trail at 7 a.m. The CDT climbed 700 feet on the way to a clear-water spring. I met hiker Wolf who said he’s hiked the Appalachian trail seven times and the Pacific…
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