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Day 16 – A threatening but fine day

The trail grade moderated such that I could actually hike rather than picking my way around rocks and over roots. I passed by a small waterfall (see photo) and continued downhill following a stream. By and by, the sun came out for a while then retreated. The last part of the day followed a wide, well-used trail that tourists used to see a large waterfall.
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Day 15 – Another Day I’m glad I Slacked

The trail climbed 1,100 feet, leveled off, then climbed another 600 feet to Barn Mountain. Onward we hiked to the turnoff towards Cloud Pond Cloud Lean-to, before dropping to the Fourth Mountain Bog where I found carnivorous pitcher plants (see photo).
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Day 14 – Slack Packing

Yesterday’s rain created poor hiking conditions with wet roots and rocks. I walked with extra care to avoid falling. Aside from the wet conditions, hiking wasn’t exhausting, with no extended climbs and descents. I waded two more streams safely and rock-hopped one. The AT passed by several ponds and ran several times along bedrock ridges with blueberries begging to be picked.
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Day 13 – Zero Day

My feelings of gratitude soared for my good fortune of being warm and dry in the hostel. I started another book and then returned to the Lakeshore Inn for another pizza dinner. Lazarus and I sat at the bar with fellow hiker Ron. The kitchen burned my pizza, and as a result I got a free appetizer that Lazarus and I demolished.
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Day 12 – An Easy Day That Wasn’t

I chose to leave the official AT south of Monson in favor of the historic AT, which runs directly into town. This eliminated the need to hitch into town on ME 15. I arrived at Shaw’s Lodging (see photo) a lot more tired than I anticipated this morning. After getting a bed, I cleaned up and drank a quart of chocolate milk.
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Day 11 – My Left Foot Still Works!

At 6:15 am, I shoved off and quickly started gaining elevation up Pleasant Pond Mountain. For some reason, the climb seemed less difficult than the guidebook showed. After stopping at the top to enjoy the views, I hiked down a fairly steep descent that moderated after a few miles. The 4.5 miles of descent ended at a gravel road. A few minutes later I rock hopped across languid Baker Stream.
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