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Pacific Coast Sierra Cascades Bike Trip Day 36 – Lake Tahoe

Another warm and pleasant night. I hit Hwy 395 at 6:15 heading north and downhill to Topaz Lake. It seemed odd that a big lake exists in a dry landscape, but the water in the West Walker River has to go somewhere. After Topaz, I headed uphill to a summit then enjoyed easy biking gradually…
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Day 21 – Finish!!

I didn’t want to risk falling or having to be rescued. Having experienced this type of situation before, I reluctantly turned around and began my descent to the campground as clouds scudded by and the rain continued (see photo).
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Day 20 – A Short Hike, Then Lounging

I rock hopped across the Lower Fork of Nesowadnehunk Stream, and then another stream. Happily, I kept my feet dry. The trail turned uphill and passed Big Niagara Falls- which wasn’t that big (see photo). I slowly gained elevation, passing Daicy and Grassy Ponds.
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Day 18 – Back to Rocks and Roots

The day started with a level trail for 2 miles, followed by a 300-foot climb-then a descent to the Potaywadjo Lean-to where I met 4 day hikers. The trail stayed flat for the next 7 miles but with lots of roots and rocks. Can you find the trail in the photo? It’s in the middle.
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Day 17 – Finally, a good trail

After descending for two miles, something marvelous happened: The trail improved dramatically. Instead of roots and rocks, the tread was smooth and duffy (see photo). I wondered if I had taken another trail, but the white blazes showed I was on the AT. I dined on peanut butter for lunch at Cooped Brook then continued gradually downhill to Cooper Brook Lean-to.
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