Day 91 on the Appalachian Trail

I got going at 7am, later than usual. After a short walk, I reached the summit of Bromley Mountain and the top of a ski run. It would have been a great place to spend the night. Heading north, I dropped down for two miles through thick forest to a road then uphill for two tough miles to Styles Peak. A few short ups and downs to Peru Peak then downhill past a scenic pond (see photo). A gentle rise to Baker Peak led to a long descent for three miles past three shelters to Big Black Branch, a clear-water river. A modest climb brought me to Little Rock Pond at mile 17, where I had planned to stay. I continued on and experienced a surprising surge of energy, which helped me negotiate the rocks in the trail. After 5 tiring miles, I reached the Greenwood shelter and found three other hikers in residence. Six others arrived later. Conversations about food dominated the evening's activity. This was my hardest day in a while. Today's miles -23.6. Total miles - 1675.3.

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