Day 9 on the Appalachian Trail

When I arrived at Fontana Lodge, I thought I'd arrived in heaven. A classy place where two guys from Georgia dropped me at the front door. My first night off the trail and my first chance to wash my filthy clothes plus shower, eat, and charge electronics. I checked in then walked to the laundromat then bought a pint of ice cream and a bottle of soda for a series of ice cream floats. Delightful. About 15 hikers showed up to do their laundry and so forth. Back at the lodge, I got my Great Smokey Mountains National Park AT hiker permit. Then off to the grill for dinner with my New Hampshire hiker pals who had arrived. I polished their leftovers and ate my dinner. And my appetite hasn't really kicked in yet. This was a short day but the steep downhills tired my right quadriceps muscles. At least the muscles are sore and not my knee. The low elevation today meant that I saw lots of wildflowers including pink lady slippers. The wildlife count continues to be low except for birds. Thus far only one deer and a dozen gray squirrels plus three snakes, two chipmunks, and one weasel. I wonder if the locals hunt the deer and squirrels heavily. Tomorrow I get back on the trail. Today's miles - 14.0. Total miles - 164.7.

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