Day 87 on the Appalachian Trail

Rain started falling last night and continued through this morning. Was I glad to have slept in the shelter. Clay and I packed up and left the dry shelter at 6:30am in the rain. The trail climbed gently for half a mile then started its descent to MA Hwy 2. Keeping upright on the steeper parts of the trail required my complete attention. In spite of being careful, I slipped and landed in the muddy trail. At length, the trail flattened and joined a residential street. I used the dry entrance of the Graylock Elementary School to call the Willow Motel in Williamstown, 2.5 miles west on Hwy 2, for a ride. I walked three blocks to Hwy 2 and turned east. After a few minutes of sloshing on the flooded sidewalk, I realized that I'd gone in the wrong direction. I turned around and in half a mile found myself at a shopping center where I was told to wait for my ride. I called again to inquire about the ride, and in 10 minutes the driver arrived. The small office of the motel (see photo) was full of guests eating breakfast. I helped myself to the offerings and checked in. Later, Refill called to make sure that he was invited to share the room. He arrived a few minutes later. I made a list of things to do. Call Riley to see about his adventures in Spain. Call Betsy to ask her to send my cold weather gear to Hanover, NH. Eat a big meal at an Indian buffet. Wash clothes. While organizing my gear, I couldn't find my plastic bag of miscellaneous items, including my journal. After looking all around the motel, I finally found the bag in the car I'd ridden to the motel. What a relief! I bought food at the nearby Dollar General and enjoyed a pizza dinner with Refill. My rest day was well spent. Today's miles -3.0. Total miles - 1592.2.

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