Day 84 on the Appalachian Trail

The south-bounders last night extolled the virtues of the Upper Goose Pond cabin, 21 miles ahead. That became my goal for tomorrow. I set forth at 6:15am with a 2-mile descent to MA Hwy 23. Then uphill for a mile followed by a 6-mile jaunt over a series of ups and downs. A long downhill led to farm fields and wet meadows in the flat spots. I ate lunch at mile 13.3 on Jerusalem Road where a family had set up a small stand selling cold drinks and snacks. Sitting on a bench in the shade, eating almond butter and crackers, plus drinking a cold soda, perked me up. I shouldered my pack and headed up a 900-foot no-too-steep climb to a Baldy Mtn. The last 5 miles of the day trended downhill, but seemed to take forever. But the day's exertions were amply rewarded when I arrived at Upper Goose Pond cabin. Painted bright red, the two-story structure owned by the federal government and managed by a local trail group hosts AT hikers in the summer. I got a bunk then walked to the beach and walked in the water with dirty shorts and shirt on (see photo). A cloud of murky water surrounded me. Back at the cabin, I visited with Bonny, one of the caretakers, on the shady front porch. I ran into Clay Evans, and we agreed to split a motel room in Dalton MA tomorrow. This is the most memorable place I've stayed on the Appalachian Trail. Today's miles -21.1. Total miles - 1548.1.

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