Day 67 on the Appalachian Trail

Still another day of contrasts, with sun, rain, rocks, town food, smooth roads, and a dry shelter. My hiking day started at 6:15am for a 9-mile walk to Highway 61 and a resupply in Hamburg, PA. I listened to TED talks to distract my attention from the rocks. The ultra-steep descent into Port Clinton exceeded any reasonable standard for a trail. When I arrived at Highway 61, I asked two guys in a truck waiting to turn on to the busy road if they would give a lift to the Walmart. They agreed and soon I was buying food. When I finished shopping, I sat in front of the store and drank my half-gallon of chocolate milk and ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Pleasantly full, I reorganized my food, walked two blocks back to the highway, and got a ride with another guy in a truck back to the trail. The Appalachian Trail headed uphill not too steeply. In 5 miles, I got water from a creek then headed uphill again first on a smooth road then the on a rocky trail. After the trail topped out, it turned back into a smooth road (see photo) that continued for 4 glorious miles. Light rain started about 4 pm and shifted into high gear just as I gathered water from Panther Creek. I arrived at the Hawk Mountain - Eckville shelter in the pouring rain. What a relief for to be inside the dry shelter. Today's miles - 23.8. Total miles -1232.0

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