Day 63 on the Appalachian Trail

In the long-distance hiking world, today was a nero - a near zero mileage day. At 6:15am, I walked back up the spur trail to the Appalachian Trail. As advertised, the AT continued to be rocky, but not so much as to hurt my feet. After 2 miles, the trail began its descent to Duncannon. The trail was so steep that it required steps in places.  At 8am, I reached a highway at the south end of town. Wouldn't a second breakfast in town be swell? I thought so. But the one restaurant was closed. As a consolation, I ate a pint of Turkey Hill chocolate milk and a pint of chocolate ice cream at a convenience store. I noticed an inscription on the side of a building commemorating the high-water mark of the catastrophic flood of 1936 (see photo). I walked through town then on a bridge over the 400-foot wide Juniata River to the Susquehanna River bridge. I found a shady spot and called Bill Fergusson to let him know I'd arrived. About 10am, Bill arrived, and we drove a leisurely route to his home in Lancaster County. On the way, we passed by the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant that malfunctioned in the most famous nuclear accident in US history. We also visited a Dairy Queen. After a shower at Bill and Marilyn's home and meeting two of their grandchildren and Marilyn's father, we all ate lunch. Later, Bill and I drove to a Giant supermarket for me to resupply. Back home to rest then a sumptuous dinner thanks to Marilyn. I've had a delightful and relaxing day. Back to the trail tomorrow. Today's miles - 5.8. Total miles - 1148.4.

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