Day 56 on the Appalachian Trail

I'm now accustomed to getting up early, and today was no exception even though I'm staying in town. I make a task list and decided which gear items I'd send home. The manager of the Teahorse hostel prepared waffles for me and the two bikers, although the husband, Myron, left early. I supplemented the waffles with two scrambled eggs. I reorganized my backpack (now about 3 pounds lighter) and boxed the items to send home then walked to the post office a quarter mile away. I decided to spend the day at Towns Inn hostel, thinking it would be more centrally located for my tasks. I walked to the main part of town and checked in to the hostel, which dates from 1840 (see photo). There I discovered that I'd have to go back the way I came to buy a newspaper and food. Happy, I easily hitched 2 miles to the 7-11, bought a paper and chocolate milk and ice cream, plus trail food and easily hitched back to Towns Inn. I read the Washington Post from cover to cover and ordered a new hiking shirt to replace my existing shirt that's ripped in two places. After lunch, I lounged around the hostel until dinner. My feet appreciated the day off. That said, I'm ready to get back on the trail tomorrow morning.

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