Day 5 on the Appalachian Trail

Up early and on the trail at 7:15 am. After a short climb the trail offered no major climbs or descents for 11 miles. The birds sang loudly making up for silence in yesterday's rain. At mile 78.5, I left Georgia and entered North Carolina.  At mile 81.5, I passed the vacant Muskrat Creek shelter. The easy trail continued for 2 miles to a spring where I got water from a spring. I usually treat water from springs unless I get the water straight from the point where water leaves the ground. The 3-mile long walk to Standing Indian Mountain proved to be easy because it followed an old road. Near the summit – 5,435 feet – I met another hiker. We hiked together for 5 miles chatting all the way. He stopped at a stream for a rest and I continued 2 more miles to Carter Gap shelter, my destination for the night. I found about 20 tents near the shelter and wondered where all these people had come from. Today’s sunny, cool weather lifted our spirits and dried our wet gear. Today's miles - 19.8, total miles - 93.9.

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