Day 46 on the Appalachian Trail

Rain stopped during the night but clouds reappeared at first light. I got going at 6:15am, heading up a short climb to the descent to Reeds Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Appalachian Trail stayed more or less level but rocky for 2 miles, then climbed slowly for 1000 feet to Humpback Mountain. A 4-mile descent brought me to a spring where I ate a filling lunch of tortillas, peanut butter, and M&Ms. The trail dropped 600 feet to the Paul Wolfe shelter at mile 15.6 on the day. On the way, I passed by a patch of yellow summer flowers (see photo). Few spring flowers are still blooming. I planned to hike at least this far today then see how I felt. I felt fine, so I kept going. The AT gained elevation for 1.5 miles then slowly lost elevation. Finally, I reached the Blue Ridge Parkway at its intersection with US Highway 250.  I crossed the Parkway and walked two blocks to an intersection where I started hitching into Waynesboro.  After 10 minutes, David picked me up and dropped me off at the Kroger in town. I bought a pint of ice cream and a half gallon of ice cream then walked to the Grace Lutheran Church where I signed in to spend the night in the church basement with all the hiker amenities including a shower and towel, a sleeping cot, Wifi, TV, food, and a computer. A delightful spot. Today's miles - 20.8. Total miles - 861.3.

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