Day 4 on the Appalachian Trail

Yesterday, just as I went to bed, the heavens erupted with a deluge. It continued all night. Happily, I stayed dry and warm in my tent. This morning I ate breakfast and set forth in the rain. The elevation gain was not too taxing. I slogged along and my poncho did its job. About 5 miles from last night's camp, the rain halted. I stowed my poncho and continued hiking. In an hour the rain returned. Descents required my constant attention to avoid slipping on parches of fresh mud or tripping over slippery exposed tree roots. I slipped once but managed a graceful soft landing. At length I arrived at Dicks Creek Gap, mile 13 on the day. Magically the rain stopped as I walked a half mile west along US Highway 76 to the Top of Georgia Hostel. I picked up the food box that I'd mailed from home and an ice cream sandwich. Fellow hiker Waterfall took the attached photo at the hostel. Then back to the trail for a 4.5 mile walk to the Peach Orchard shelter. I enjoyed hiking without rain. After dinner the rain returned with a vengeance. I slept in the shelter with 7 other hikers. Thanks for the dry night. Today's miles - 17.5. Total miles - 74.1.

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