Day 36 on the Appalachian Trail

No rain last night for a change. I got up early and hit the trail. In a mile, I passed by The Captain, a place where the younger hikers flocked last night. I crossed Stony Creek and started uphill for a 1100-foot climb to the Bailey Gap shelter. I passed the shelter and started uphill on a short climb. At the top, the trail turned rocky and more or less level. About 10 miles on the day, the Appalachian Trail headed downhill to the War Spur shelter where I ate lunch with Diatom and Gucci. After my sumptuous meal of tortillas, peanut butter, and M&Ms, I headed uphill once again for 1700 feet, much of which was far too steep. The trail topped out at Kelly Knob for a view then downhill. I planned to camp at a paved road, VA 630, with Diatom. When I arrived, no Diatom. I continued uphill looking for a campsite. In 0.4 miles, I came to the Kesser oak, the second largest oak along the PCT with a campsite underneath, as the attached photo shows.  Smiling Don and Doug were already camped and welcomed me. A fine spot to camp. A great day. Today's miles - 22.2. Total miles - 676.3.

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