Day 30 on the Appalachian Trail

Up early to ensure that I would be able to mail my cold weather gear back home before the post office at Atkins, VA closes at 3:15 pm today. Cruiser and I hiked together under clear skies gaining elevation slowly for about 5 miles. At 7 miles we passed Autobahn and Tortoise at the Chatfield shelter and continued downhill. At 11 miles on the day, we stopped briefly at the Lindamood School, which dated from 1894. Onward and downward to US Highway 11 and the Relax Inn, a modest one-star establishment. Lots of hikers stay here. After checking in and retrieving our food and gear boxes, Cruiser and I headed to the mini mart a block away to eat. A half-gallon of chocolate milk and a pint of ice cream disappeared quickly. Back at our room, I organized my gear and boxed up stuff to mail home. After an unsuccessful attempt to hitch to the post office, I asked the manager of the motel if he would be willing to drive me to the post office and back. Yes, he would for 10 bucks. Sign Post arrived. We agreed to split the cost of the ride so we could buy food at the Dollar Store a block from the PO. After we returned from our errands, I soaked my feet as the photo shows. I organized my food and donned clean clothes. After 30 days on the trail, I've completed almost one-fourth of the AT. I'm confident I can maintain this pace for the next quarter, reputed to be the easiest of the entire trail. Today's miles - 11.6. Total miles - 543.8.

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