Day 22 on the Appalachian Trail

Last night featured wind and sporadic rain. When I awoke the rain ended but the wind persisted. I headed out without eating breakfast, nibbling on my snack bag as I walked. The trail gained 900 feet to the top then angled downhill on an old road to Carver' s Gap and a state highway. I availed myself to the bathroom then started over Jane Bald. Open balds offer scenery not available in the forest. Down from the bald into forest to Stan Murray shelter where I had a break. My lack of breakfast caught up with me. I decided to eat an early lunch at Over Mountain shelter, a repurposed barn. Lunch revived me. After lunch I tackled Little Hump followed by Hump Mountain. The photo shows the scene looking up Hump Mountain. I was glad that the weather held. The long downhill took a toll on my legs. I rejoiced when I arrived at US Highway 19. I walked a quarter mile to Mountain Harbor hostel for the night plus dinner and breakfast. A great day. Today's miles - 18.4. Total miles - 393.1.

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