Day 13 – Black Bear!

We hikers had a visitor this morning - a black bear that was looking for food. The bear came up to the shelter and would have come inside had we not throw rocks at the bear. The bear showed no fear of us humans. Today's hike featured a little climbing and lots of downhill for the first 8 miles. I got water at the Cosby Knob shelter and heard from hikers there about an aggressive bear that bothered them last night. Uphill for 1000 vertical feet then downhill for 7 miles to a bridge across Pigeon River. On the steep descent my right thigh gave out. I had to wait a minute before I could start downhill. The last mile to Standing Bear Farm took a while. But arriving perked me up. A shower and a cold Gatorade helped improve my outlook. I got a spot in the bunkhouse and got my food box. Shutterbug and I split a large pizza for dinner. I'm now pleasantly full. Today's miles - 18.6. Total miles - 240.6.

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