Day 12 on the Appalachian Trail

My hiker neighbors got up early but I snoozed until the sky lightened. I packed up and walked back to the Appalachian Trail and headed mostly downhill to Newfound Gap. Many of the hikers I saw at the shelter were sitting in a giant parking lot waiting for a shuttle to Gatlinburg. A hiker took my picture. Upward for several miles, then ridge walking that wasn't too taxing. At the turnoff to Peck's Corner shelter, I opted not to walk a half mile to get water. Onward for another 4.9 miles to Tri-corner Knob shelter. Rain started falling and continued all the way to the blessed shelter. I can't fully express how grateful I was to get out of the rain. Cooking dinner under the porch beat cooking in the rain. All of the hikers were likewise grateful. Settling into my sleeping bag while the rain pounded on the roof completed my reverie. Today's miles - 19.4. Total miles - 222.2.

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