Back to the Trail

On July 19th, I began my circuitous trip back to the Appalachian Trail. First to Illinois to pick up Mom's car, which I then drove to northern Michigan, arriving the next day in Bay View. My grandfather bought a cottage in 1932 at this Summer Chautauqua settlement on Lake Michigan about 35 miles south of the Straights of Mackinaw. I enjoyed visiting with Dan, Katie, and their kids, plus Nate. After spending the night with Stew Jenkins, he kindly drove me to Traverse City and I took my flight to New York. A bus ride into the city then a train ride took me to Peekskill, NY. A final cab ride took me to the AT. I bought dinner at the Appalachian Market then started hiking. I felt odd walking, wondering if my legs and feet will hold up. If I will learn to accept the trail as it is. If I will enjoy being on the trail. I camped at Graymoor Spiritual center once more. By dark, nine hikers arrived (see photo). I enjoyed chatting by with my hiker friends, including Pony (Clay Evans), formerly of Boulder. The evening air is cool and sleeping should be pleasant tonight. I'm happy to be back on the trail.

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