Back at the Appalachian Trail – Day 9

I slept on the floor of the hut between the dining tables. Quiet time did not start until 10 pm. With my stocking cap, gloves, and jacket, I set forth for 1.5 miles to Mt Washington. My right ankle worked fine. At the summit I decided to continue north. The trail followed a ridge with expansive views of the alpine tundra (see photo). Lots of day hikers on the trail.  Blue skies and strong winds in some spots. I dropped down to Madison hut and ate a big bowl of leftover oatmeal for lunch. After gaining the summit of Mt Madison, I headed down a steep, rocky ridge then thru forest to the Osgood camp site. As I neared the camp site my sore left thigh hurt so much that I could barely walk. Miraculously, after a five-minute sit down with a group of day hikers, my thigh perked up. Whenever I reached the camp site, I pondered my next move. Other hikers told me that the trail from the camp site to Pinkham Notch was easy. Motivated by the prospect of hitching into Gotham for the night, I continued on. The easy trail turned out not to be that easy. I plodded along the four miles to the highway. I was beat when I arrived at the visitor center. I got my food box then got a ride to Gorham from two guys in the parking lot. I got the last bed In the Barn hostel. I took a shower then walked to dinner, talking to Betsy then Riley on the way.  At the hostel, I chatted with other hikers then went to bed.

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