Back at the Appalachian Trail – Day 2

Up early and on the trail. Sleeping was better than last night with cooler night air. I quickly found water in Grant Brook. The big clime of the day, 2100 of elevation gain, started when I crossed the Lyme-Dorchester Road. The trail was heavily eroded, partly due to a crazy storm three weeks ago. After gaining 1300 feet to a ridge, the trail ran along the ridge to the Fire Warden's cabin near a fire tower. I enjoyed the view from the top. I dropped down for three miles on a rough trail then up for three miles to Mount Cube. The forest of balsam fir and red spruce grew near the summit blocks. A gaggle of day hikers lounged on the south summit. A long descent on a rough, sometimes steep trail brought me to NH Hwy 254 where I met hiker Sixes who was waiting for his pal Sir Linear. Sixes mentioned that counselors from a nearby camp brought hundreds of cans of beer to fuel an all- night party. I hiked about two miles to a gravel road where I smelled food cooking. But I saw no signs of anyone. I walked up the trail for a few hundred yards and found Carl the Omelet Man cooking giant omelets for three hikers. I waited for my turn for pancakes and a banana, all of which disappeared quickly. Thank you, Carl! On for a half mile to the Ore Hill campsite where I stopped for the night. Today involved about 4500 ft of elevation gain, but I wasn't exhausted. 17.3 miles today.

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  1. Roll on, Alan! I’ll be following your exploits.

    ~ Pony/Clay


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