Back at the Appalachian Trail – Day 13

Today featured sun, two downpours, a fall, a daddy shelter. The day started well enough walking past Page Pond and Dream Lake in the first three miles. A 500-ft descent brought me to the turnoff to the Gentian Pond shelter. A 1000-ft climb put me on top of Mt Success. Two miles later, as I reached the turnoff to the Carlo Col shelter, a storm erupted. Soaking wet, I walked to the shelter. When I got there, I realized that I would get cold sitting around unless I stripped off my wet clothes and put on my dry sleeping clothes. Forget that. I hiked back to the AT and gained elevation to Goose Eye Mountain in the rain. Lightning didn't seem to be striking although the clouds rumbled. The rain stopped as I descended from Full Goose Mountain (see photo) toward my day's destination at the Full Goose shelter. I expected to reach the shelter in an hour, but no shelter. I thought I missed it. Then another storm arrived. Rather than get wet, I set up my tent beside the trail. I thought I'd spend the night there. So I cooked dinner and lay down. A hiker walked by and told me that the shelter was ahead. I packed my gear and in 20 minutes found the shelter. I squeezed between two other hikers and chatted. Then sleep. This was a tough day, but I walked 14.5 miles. My confidence took a hit today.

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