Alan enjoys sharing life lessons from the trail through presentations about his long-distance hiking and cycling adventures.

Titles include:

  • “Life Lessons from the Pacific Crest Trail,” which recounts a life-threatening accident and the universal lessons Alan learned from the experience;
  • “Fall Down, Get Up, Get Going,” which highlights three predicaments that he encountered while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, how was able to move forward (literally), and how his experiences relate to the business world;
  • “Create Lifelong Health and Well-being,” which features nine healthy lifestyle choices that Alan adopted after his life-threatening accident. These choices transformed his life, and they can transform yours, as well.

Alan customizes his presentations to meet the specific needs of your audience. If you wish to hire Alan for your next association meeting, conference, or other events, please check out alantcarpenter.com for more information.

Check out Alan’s backpacking podcast appearances: