CDT, Day 7 — Back on Trail

CDT, Day 7 — July 9 — 8.2 miles

Time to get back to the CDT after a quick break at home.

I rode to Rabbit Ears Pass with my neighbor John, who will hike with me on the 84-mile section to Battle Pass, Wyoming.

We started hiking at 1 p.m. near Dumont Lake Campground. The trail soon left the sagebrush and ran through sub-alpine forest interspersed with wet meadows. Two U.S. Forest Service guys told us that they’d cleared all the deadfalls for the next 8 miles. Yeah!

The trail gained elevation gradually and didn’t wear us out. Several mountain bikers passed us. When we arrived at a side trail to Round Lake, we walked 400 yards and found a fine lakeside campsite — where the mosquitoes lay in wait for us. But no matter, we set up camp and ate dinner. A fine day under blue skies.

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  1. Buddy,

    Hope you read this as I am sorry I did not get your message . Jane saved it so I never heard the beeping .

    Keep trucking!

    Dan Bowers

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